Progressive Web Applications

PWA stands for Progressive Web Applications. PWA is big revolution in Website Development.Today 60% of online traffic comes from mobile and tablet users. So it’s very necessary for business to target these users.Mobile user can be attract by native app, responsive websites and Progressive Web Applications . PWA is a great techniques to attract the mobile and tablet user very easily. PWA is a technique by which websites can be used as a mobile applications. so it’s great innovations for the users.

Google prioritize the website according to take less load time in mobile. PWA helps to reduce the load time of website even in low internet connections.Anyone can use websites offline by using PWA and also enable push notifications. You can access the website without using internet as a mobile application .You can also submit the form in offline phase. In offline phase the data will be store in your device and whenever your device will connect to the internet it will be save to the server automatically. It gives best user -experience because no-one want to wait for load time. It is reliable, fast and engaging.

By using it you can increase your rank place on google.That’s amazing.

Benefits of Progressive Web Application

  • It gives benefits for both website owners and website users.
  • There is no need to develop android and IOS applications for your business. So it is cost effective and easy to manage .
  • It is easy to use for user because there is no need to download the specific applications of given websites and fastly access too.

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