Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a technique to increase the quality of the website an place the website in high rank.The high placement of site is expanded because of expanding the visitors numbers for the sites.Nowadays,  eveyone search their content on the websites online and we need that our websites come at high rank on the search engines like google,yahoo etc which can lead to a increasing in traffic to a website. search engine optimizaton help to manage this increasing traffic and placed your website in high rank placement .

  optimizing your sites for visiting-whenever someone visit your sites the number of visitors of your sites also increased which help to increase your ranking but the number of visitors not only increased by the high ranking of your websites in the search engines but it major depended upon the quality of content of your websites.SEO is help to consider the best quality of content.

As an digital marketing strategy the search engine optimization recognized the behaviour of users by the help of google analytics.the google analytics help to anaylsis the people behaviour such as what people search for and what keywords used for searching the particular items or products.

How search engines optimization works-

1.Crwalling-Crwaling is the process in which whenever the user search for their querry .The search engines like google,yahoo,bing they search the related the given querries from the url which is presented on the internet.

2.The content compeling-The content is useful for the user . If the content is useful then the user visit the sites.

3.Optimizing the keyword-The keywod is reperesentd the information which is present in our content.So we have to wakeful about the keyword because it is depend on the what user name is used by the user for searching the particular querries.

4.user experience good-The device which we use should be user interface,easy to understable and have fast processing speed.

5.Share- worthy content-If we get content from the other resources we earn the url,links,citations .

6.High CTR in ranking-CTR ranking can be high by following methods

a.enticing title-Title must be followed the user it must be matching with the keyword.

  • it should not more than 50-60 characters.
    • use interactive words which can atract the users.

b.Meta Data-The Meta data which is describe our title in search list which shown below tiltle. there is limit of words to describe  the meta data

c.Optimized url-The url for our websites must be specific and optimized related to the keyword which motivate the user to click it.Avoid numbered urls like Always use hyphens in urls.

d.SERP rich snippets-It determine the result-page which have contain valuable information .it helps to high rank up of your websites.HTML is standard markup language by which the content is easily represented to the consumers.

 How SEO helps in your business-

Search  engine optimization is way to generate your business into brands and increase your consumers .it help to aware your business to the provides lower cost because by the use of SEO you don’t need to advertise your business because of your techniques and tactics your websites already goes on high rank placement on search engines ,you don’t need to pay money for gives the bettter user experiences .it provides high conversion rate of your websites.

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